There are two ways to access Body Mind Connect membership, giving you access to everything.
Join month by month with the monthly subscription or pay a one-off discounted fee for the whole year. 

Body Mind Connect

Monthly subscription (£40 per month)  

Join the Body Mind Connect membership and pay monthly with no tie ins just like a gym membership.
You wouldn't increase your fitness slightly then stop. You need to maintain it. Same goes for helping our body come back to an equilibrium as it navigates health issues. Healing takes time. I wanted to make something that is accessible and affordable for healing journeys that need that patience to flourish and grow. That is what BMC aims to do and that is why it is a membership as opposed to a one-off course. I hope you to welcome you soon. 
Prefer a one-off payment?

A year of nurturing the Body-Mind connection

Everything included in the Body Mind Connect membership for 12 months, with a one-off payment. 
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