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The beginning step to reducing symptoms, is learning to trust your body. I know it seems the wrong way round, but this is backed by research. If it seems impossible, that's because it's hard and you haven't been shown how. 

Download the free audio to get started on this journey. It's one foundational step in the journey to a calmer body and mind. 

Live support. On demand resources. Supportive community

Weekly groups with expert health psychologist 

Every single week you can join live workshops led by Dr Sula, with an emphasis on connecting as a group, learning and growing together in a safe space 

Community space & opportunities to connect 

In addition to the groups, there is a community forum with updates, the opportunity to talk with each other and share resources and soon to come a buddy system to keep accountable in your mind-body healing goals 

Extensive hub of mind-body information 

Get science-based information you can trust, collated, curated and created by Dr Sula Windgassen herself, filtering out the wellness noise and drilling down to the fundamentals of biopsychosocial healing. 

Evidence-based practices 

For each topic, there are multiple downloadable resources including workbooks, audios and videos.

What our members say 

I have felt more hopeful and excited to do more of the content and grow personally. It’s helping me learn non pressuring ways to help my body and better serve it".
 BMC Member - fatigue
There are so many benefits of BMC. I feel so much less alone and so much more validated. Having weekly sessions helps me to keep motivated and on track, and I have really started to understand myself better
BMC MEMBER - post viral symptoms
The fact that it is all evidence based for me is so important. The depth of knowledge that Sula has both personally and professionally makes this a unique platform.
BMC Member - IBS
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