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Getting Started with Body Mind Connect

An introductory course to get you started on the Body Mind Connect programme.
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    Getting started

    Nurturing the body-mind connection begins here

    When starting the Body Mind Connect membership, we recommend that you start here. This will help you understand how to get the most out of the course. How to use the website. What the different interactive activities are used for. And importantly, how to connect with others also using Body Mind Connect. This platform is about healing and growing through and with the power of community. This is a foundation of enabling you to master individual practices and meeting challenges along the way. 

    Welcome! We're so glad you joined! 

    You will learn:

    • How to use the website
    • Accessing courses and modules
    • Activity types
    • Navigating the community
    • Getting in touch with us
    it's not all on you 

    A warm welcome

    Navigating health issues, life transitions and burnout is not easy. It can feel like all the responsibility is on you. That only adds to the overwhelm and isolation. If only everyone was offered some guidance and trustworthy insight into their own situation, with patient and reflective support for when things don't follow an A--> B trajectory. 
    That is my wish for Body Mind Connect and you. 
    Take a look around. You'll be most warmly welcomed to the community. 
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    Nurture your whole self

    Working with your biology not against it.
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