Body. Working with biology 
Mind. Using psychology & neuroscience
Connect. Supported by community

Reclaim your life from chronic stress, illness & trauma. Reconnect body and mind. Gain control. Maintain equilibrium. 

  • Feel comfortable in your own body and confident in navigating flare ups
  • Have peace of mind & clarity of thought without anxious thought spirals
  • Feel hopeful and optimistic for your future and plans to meet life & healing goals (e.g less flare ups, balanced energy, career progression, travelling)
  •  Enjoy tranquility in quiet moments, feeling connected to yourself
  • Be present for fullness of life, experiencing it with playfulness, excitement and joy

Imagine if you knew it would get better 

When you are impacted by debilitating & disruptive symptoms and all of the life stressors that come with that, it can feel impossible to have confidence that things will get better. In fact everything feels uncertain and threatening and with that your nervous system doubles down on protecting you, only adding to difficult symptom experiences.

What would it look like if instead... 

  • You had access to 100s of potential strategies to help re-regulate and center, with clarity on how to implement them
  • You felt confident to gently push your limits of what feels safe in your body, knowing this will lead to more freedom & body reconditioning 
  • You knew how to soothe the panic that comes with flare ups and niggling symptoms & empowered to update old nervous system patterns by mastering this ability
  • You could connect with daily pleasure and stillness knowing that each time you do it feeds back into your bodily equilibrium
  • Challenging fearful old patterns of thought and symptom responses felt empowering & masterful because you had the tools to track how these moments help you to reach your healing & life goals
  • When you did face flares, set backs and unforeseen hurdles, you had the safety of a supportive community who got it and were rooting for you to succeed
  • All of this meant you could connect with your sense of self, potential and meaning each day doing the things that are important to you 

And if you're thinking "this all sounds very lovely but I've been trying for a long time..."

I hear you.

When people become aware of the role of the mind-body connection in chronic illness and persistent health issues they can easily get overwhelmed and fearful. "If my mind can help my body, every time I have a bad thought or feel stressed, does this mean I'm harming my body?" The prospect is even more terrifying than before. It can lead to a lot of rabbit holes trying to research rigorous protocols to "do the right thing" when stressed. And because this is impossible, it can also lead to a lot of avoidance and rebellion. Caving into habits that you know don't serve you but the alternative is too taxing and exhausting. You might be familiar with this if you relate to any of the below:

  • You feel pressured to meditate while finding the prospect excruciating
  • You criticise yourself for the negative thoughts that you have and then feel stressed by how that criticism makes you feel 
  • You try and avoid stress and with that end up missing out on a lot of pleasures
  • You try and prove to yourself that you can do things but end up pushing a little too hard and getting ill or having flare ups 
  • You know you have potential that feels locked away by symptoms but get lost in mind spirals about how to overcome this leaving you stuck in the same position 
  • You follow (or have followed) numerous healthy protocols to the t but end up frustrated or disenchanted because they don't seem to be shifting symptoms or stress about symptoms 

You know the mind-body connection counts...

But you're trying to figure out how best to work with it. Right now it is hard to keep up all of the health-focussed plans. It feels piecemeal and even more uncertain. You question whether your life has to be really restrictive forever more to avoid flare ups. You know certain things are important but it's starting to burn you out trying to figure out a plan and keep up with everything. Every time you get symptoms or feel stressed you feel like you're back to square one. If only you had some clarity on what you need to implement & didn't feel so alone to make it work, you feel like you could get some momentum. 

Avoiding lots of things 

Maybe you're reflecting on how life feels smaller not just because of health issues but your lengths to try and improve them.

Trying to micromanage stress

In understanding that stress and mental health impacts your physical health, you may have found yourself even more stressed about stress.

Practicing yoga / breath work

You're doing lots of good stuff to nurture your body but it feels like there's a missing piece of the puzzle; it's not enough to interrupt symptom-stress cycles. 

Recognising impact of the past

The journey of chronic illness is fraught with highly distressing experiences: fall outs, loss, life changes. You're seeing how this impacts your sense of self now & has eroded your confidence 
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The solution to these problems 

To know how you get to where you are going, you need to first figure out what is keeping you stuck. More importantly, you need to know how these things relate to each other so that you can interrupt vicious symptom cycles.

Having this guidance, without having to research every component and double check your sources to make sure you've got it right, frees you up. You go from stuck at the analysis and deliberation phase, to moving through the action phase. What's more, you are clear on your markers of progress that don't rely on more symptom focussing. 

Body Mind Connect contains everything you need
to have a holistic understanding of what is going on & action plan to make personalised changes. Unlike other gimmick "nervous system transformation" programmes , Body Mind Connect is realistic about the time this takes. Exercises are pitched at a pace that allows regulation rather than more stress & pushing on an already over-taxed system. This is also reflected in the pricing (less than most gym memberships)

community members

live workshops a month


I use BMC to find and implement ways that I can manage having difficult symptoms, and be able to reduce the fear around them and live a more meaningful and balanced life. I feel like I am definitely being more compassionate to myself and reducing my nervous system going crazy. 

BMC user 
Gut issues & ongoing pain 
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Flexible guided programme

Feel empowered in your own body & able to respond to physical symptoms
Stop feeling so pressured by thoughts, expectations and judgements 
Do the things that bring joy, replenishment & peace without fear 
Gain a community of like-minded people committed to growth & healing

What's included  

An active, expert-led community focussed on nourishing the connection between mind & body to improve health, mood & sense of social connection.

Led by leading health psychologist

Expertise and guidance from a leading health psychologist in mind-body practices.

Evidence based information

All our content is guided by the latest available research. We offer a wide-range of evidence-based practices that are aimed at improving your wellbeing holistically.

Live weekly online groups

Guided interactive groups to deepen your practices and explore the content together. Engage in real-time conversations and discussion. 

Active community

A community of like-minded people to connect and share the journey to improving mind, body and connection with.

Goal setting & reflection points

Set goals that are specific to you and regularly reflect on the content, practices and your experiences.

Accountability for replenishing yourself

Commit to putting your wellbeing first by combining accountability with self-directed wellbeing practices

 Who is Body Mind Connect for?

Whether you are experiencing health issues, burnout, overwhelm and feel life is imbalanced, or support those who do, Body Mind Connect is ready to empower you. It provides simple but powerful explanations of the science behind these experiences and delivers strategies ready to be tailored to your experience. 

Chronic Pain

You may have unexplained chronic pain or pain that is part of a diagnosis like endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. Body Mind Connect explains pain and ways of working with it to reduce pain severity and fear of pain. 

Unexplained Symptoms 

Fatigue, physical sensitivity, nausea, cramping, overactive bladder, bowel issues and pelvic discomfort are common symptoms poorly explained in the healthcare system. Body Mind Connect helps you make sense of these symptoms and more. 


Burnout describes the effects of chronic stress building up and depleting you physically and mentally. To recover from burnout you need to address physiology and psychology to get mind, brain and body realigned. Body Mind Connect guides you to do this. 

Self Discovery

You might not feel there are any "big problems" or issues but seek to better know yourself for personal growth. Body Mind Connect gives you a framework to explore this. Through a process of exploration and reflection you can work out who you are, what you want & how to commit to yourself. 

Life Changes

There are so many stages of life we blindly navigate. Finishing school, university, the world of work, parenthood, shifting life priorities and external stressors. We do a good job, but sometimes having frameworks and feedback can help take the pressure off. You are not alone and you deserve space to process. 

Feeling Lost

Loneliness, low mood, overwhelm and decision paralysis can make you feel lost and alone to figure it out. Modern day society can make it even harder to cultivate connection, particularly when already depleted. Community & connection are at the heart of Body Mind Connect to support healing & growth.

Healing & growth is an ongoing process

Body Mind Connect is designed so that you can flexibly go at your own pace throughout the programme. Rather than rush to an unclear finish line, the ethos of Body Mind Connect is "little and often". Making small little tweaks, to make a big difference to your physical and mental wellbeing. Throughout the entire programme you will have access to an active community. Your journey through Body Mind Connect may go something like this:

The intro course is free

I will warmly welcome you to the programme and introduce you to how it works, how to navigate around and how to get the most out of the programme. 


Understanding the physiology behind your nervous system activity and brain processes, allows you to respond to physical and psychological experiences in a regulating, healthy way, interrupting negative symptom, thought and anxiety spirals. 


When we are able to recognise what is going on in our body, we can better respond to our thoughts and feelings. Mind module helps you to work with negative thoughts, increase emotional regulation capacity and align with your core values.  


Throughout the entire programme you are guided to connect these practices with your day to day life and wider relationships. The connect module will include additional information and materials for deepening and maintaining healthy relationships & connections. 
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Start exploring 

What members of our community say

m massively grateful for this platform...I had my first symptoms at 18 and even more so the mental mess and attempts at problem solving they caused alone. That 18 year old would have loved to have these resources. I'm glad they are not so alone now... So thank you"
— Body Mind Connect member 
"I've really been enjoying all of the body mind connect content as well as the live calls... I love your work and all of the content in body mind connect really resonates with me and is the approach that I have been looking for" 
— Body Mind Connect member 
"I signed up for BMC and I just wanted to say thank you for putting this program together. I love how you have broken out the information into digestible pieces and give guidance on what courses to look at next. I also like the reflections and questions sprinkled throughout... I know I am still early in the program but I just feel seen and heard by someone who gets it. And for the first time I feel hopeful that I am going to be able to apply this information and that things can improve for me"
— Body Mind Connect member 
"It's helped in calming down my symptoms quicker when I get them."
— Body Mind Connect member 
"I'm learning more about myself and my health each workshop (and through the course), and it's the most hopeful I've ever felt, so thank you"
— Body Mind Connect member 
"I've really been enjoying all of the body mind connect content as well as the live calls... I love your work and all of the content in Body Mind Connect really resonates with me and is the approach that I have been looking for"
— Body Mind Connect member 

Meet Dr Sula Windgassen

Dr Sula is a leading Health Psychologist, having published over 30 academic papers & regularly featured in the media including Women's Health, Psychologies Magazine, iNews and Red Magazine. 

Qualified as a HCPC accredited psychologist, Dr Sula is also an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher.

Dr Sula trained & completed a PhD at King's College London, specialising in using evidence-based psychological approaches to improve physical and mental health through targeting the mind-body connection. 

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